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The Journal of Exercise Nutrition & Biochemistry
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eISSN : 2233-6842
Editor in Chief : Jonghoon Park
The Journal of Exercise Nutrition & Biochemistry - Vol. 23 , No. 3

Development of an Evidence-based Nutritional Intervention Protocol for Adolescent Athletes

Saningun Lee / Hyunjung Lim

[Purpose] Effective nutritional intervention can help reduce the risk of nutritional problems and improve athletic performance in adolescents. The five A셲 (assess, advise, agree, assist, and arrange) model is widely used as the theoretical framework for advice on nutrition, smoking, drinking, and physical activity and it recommends that practitioners in primary health care promote behavior change to facilitate positive outcomes. This model has also been useful in understanding the underlying processes of behavior change. This study aimed to develop both a novel evidence-based nutritional intervention protocol, rooted in sound nutritional theory, and a customizable nutritional intervention program to support sustainable healthy eating, enhance nutrient intake, and improve athletic performance in adolescent athletes.

[Methods] In this study, we adapted the 5 A셲 behavioral change model and motivational interview to develop a theoretical framework to help adolescent athletes change their behavior and achieve their goals.

[Results] During each step of the 5 A셲 protocol, a customized nutritional intervention protocol was developed by nutrition experts for each of adolescent athletes. Each plan was developed to improve the eating habits of adolescent athletes through group education and counseling. All nutritional counseling sessions were designed to enable participants to apply nutritional knowledge and practical action plans to their training and competition conditions to enable each of them to achieve individual athletic goals and facilitate self-management.

[Conclusion] A theoretical and evidence-based nutritional intervention protocol was developed to identify and address obstacles to healthy dietary habits in adolescent athletes. This could be used as the basis for further studies aimed at improving nutrient intake and athletic performance in adolescent athletes.

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