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The Journal of Exercise Nutrition & Biochemistry
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eISSN : 2233-6842
Editor in Chief : Jonghoon Park
The Journal of Exercise Nutrition & Biochemistry - Vol. 21 , No. 1

Treadmill exercise ameliorates the regulation of energy metabolismin skeletal muscle of NSE/PS2mtransgenicmice with Alzheimer셲 disease

Jang-Soo Yook1/ Joon-Yong Cho2*

Alzheimer셲 disease (AD) is classified as a progressive neurological disorder, which not only causes cognitive impairment but also abnormal weight loss, with a reduction of muscle mass related to the accumulation of amyloid-棺 (A棺) in skeletal muscle. Thus, we investigated the effect of treadmill exercise on A棺 deposition, and p-AMPK, p-ACC, BDNF, and GLUT4 protein levels the regulation of muscle energy metabolism using an AD mouse. The highest levels of A棺 expression in the skeletal muscle were in the Tg Con group. A棺 expression was significantly reduced in the Tg Exe group, compared to the Tg Con group. Congo red staining showed remarkable diffuse red amyloid deposition in the Tg Con group, while A棺-deposition in the skeletal was reduced with muscle exercise in the Tg Exe group. Exercise also increased AMPK and ACC phosphorylation and BDNF and GLUT4 expression in the skeletal muscle of non-Tg and Tg mice. Treadmill exercise reduces A棺-deposition in the skeletal muscle and improves the regulation of energy metabolism. Thus, collectively, these results suggest that exercise could be a positive therapeutic strategy for skeletal muscle dysfunction in AD patients.

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