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The Journal of Exercise Nutrition & Biochemistry
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eISSN : 2233-6842
Editor in Chief : Jonghoon Park
The Journal of Exercise Nutrition & Biochemistry - Vol. 23 , No. 1

Effects of treadmill exercise on the regulatory mechanisms of mitochondrial dynamics and oxidative stress in the brains of high-fat diet fed rats

Jung-Hoon Koo, Eun-Bum Kang

[Purpose] The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of treadmill exercise on oxidative stress in the hippocampal tissue and mitochondrial dynamic-related proteins in rats fed a long-term high-fat diet (HFD).

[Methods] Obesity was induced in experimental animals using high fat feed, and the experimental groups were divided into a normal diet-control (ND-CON; n=12), a high fat diet-control (HFD-CON; n=12) and a high fat diet-treadmill exercise (HFD-TE; n=12) group. The rats were subsequently subjected to treadmill exercise (progressively increasing load intensity) for 8 weeks (5 min at 8 m/min, then 5 min at 11 m/min, and finally 20 min at 14 m/min). We assessed weight, triglyceride (TG) concentration, total cholesterol (TC), area under the curve, homeostatic model assessment of insulin resistance, and AVF/body weight. Western blotting was used to examine expression of proteins related to oxidative stress and mitochondrial dynamics, and immunohistochemistry was performed to examine the immunoreactivity of gp91phox.

[Results] Treadmill exercise effectively improved the oxidative stress in the hippocampal tissue, expression of mitochondrial dynamic-related proteins, and activation of NADPH oxidase (gp91phox) and induced weight, blood profile, and abdominal fat loss.

[Conclusion] Twenty weeks of high fat diet induced obesity, which was shown to inhibit normal mitochondria fusion and fission functions in hippocampal tissues. However, treadmill exercise was shown to have positive effects on these pathophysiological phenomena. Therefore, treadmill exercise should be considered during prevention and treatment of obesity-induced metabolic diseases.

[Key words] high fat diet, treadmill exercise, mitochondrial dynamics, oxidative stress

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